10 Ways to Build Your Brand Using Nights + Weekends

Employedpreneurs (those of you who work full-time for someone else, and part-time for yourself) – what are your plans this evening? What are your plans  or for this weekend?

You may have answered family time, golf, shopping, church, or even a weekend getaway. But consider budgeting just two hours over coffee this week to move your brand ahead.

If you work full-time for someone else, evenings and weekends are your absolute best chance to plant seeds for your brand or business to grow. Don’t miss the opportunity. Prep the soil.

Here are a ten ways you can build your brand in just 2 hours a week. Tip – double up on a few of these tasks and you can see results much faster.

Block a 2-hour window one evening or this weekend over your morning coffee to do one or two of the following:

  1. Identify 5 conferences to speak at in the fall/winter, and apply to speak
  2. Write up a guest blog post and submit it to a large site in your industry
  3. Pitch 3 reporters a story about your business, or if you’re an expert, pitch them a topic of your expertise in hopes that they’ll like the topic and use you for quotes
  4. Send follow-up emails to all of those lukewarm prospects you met at networking events in the past month
  5. Send warm notes introducing yourself more in-depth to your new LinkedIn connections
  6. Invite 4 people (potential clients, influencers, business partners, business mentors) out for lunch/coffee this month (1/week)
  7. Compare portfolios and contact photographers for new head shots
  8. Follow up by email on any new leads or business requests that came in during the week while you were at work
  9. Write an email to your list and schedule it to land in inboxes on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.
  10. Send thank you notes or flowers to anyone who helped you build your business/brand this month – that could include the media who interviewed you, conference organizers who invited you to speak, or colleagues who sent you referrals

How are you using your time off to build your brand and grow your business?