it’s time for a new approach to pr…

In the digital age, personal brands reign.

As such, we believe everyone should be empowered with the tools to articulate their message and confidently pitch themselves in any situation. While social media has given everyone with a twitter account a microphone, your mic needs to an amplifier to really make some noise.


Introducing Maximum Exposure


ME is a PR Program designed specifically for the expert who desires consistent media exposure for his or her personal brand.

If you’re tired of being the best-kept secret, if you’re tired of flying under the radar, if you’re tired of struggling to get in front of more qualified leads, it’s time for you to be seen.

If you’re ready to put some real fire power behind your message and brand, it’s time to get the exposure that can take your brand and message over the top.

What can media coverage help you do?

Media can position you as the TOP CHOICE, raise your profile and get your industry’s attention. But beyond positioning, there are quantifiable results you can observe as well. For example:

Media can help you grow your email list. If you’re an author, coach, or you run an online business, your business success depends on the quality of your email list. Getting your ideas in front of the right audience through solid media placements can help catapult your sign-ups.

Media can help you land speaking engagements and other highly selective opportunities. Conference organizers and event planners look to the media to find new talent and uncover who’s hot. There’s arguably no easier way to get in front of total strangers who may have the power to book you for your next paid speaking gig.

Media coverage can help you sell your books. There’s a reason best-selling authors do press tours - they know that in order to move thousands of books, they must first get in front of thousands of people in a short amount of time. There’s almost no faster way to do that than through media coverage.

Media can help you reach new audiences. If you’ve exhausted your current personal network or client list, media can help you reach new people who haven’t heard about you or your services yet. Instead of showing up to the same people over and over again with the same offer, media gets you in front of new eyes, ears, hearts and minds.

Media increases your perceived value. When your network sees you in the media, your status is suddenly enhanced; media coverage creates a layer of ‘untouchability’ around you and can help make the case for why you’re credible, so that you can easily raise your prices.

…But media coverage can be hard to get consistently without support

One of the hardest things about doing your own PR is coming up with ideas, fresh angles AND knowing how to craft that message to the press. It’s time-consuming and easy to put off if you’re not intentional about it.

Another thing that makes this particular visibility program different is the sheer brain power you will have access to - a team of seasoned media professionals who will get to know you as an expert, and can help you tease out your message on a regular basis. We’re here to help you think through the great work you’re ALREADY doing, and see what’s newsworthy about it. You will essentially have a PR team plugged into your ideas every month - talk about value add!

Now, ME is not for everyone

ME is NOT for you if:

You’re just starting out in your field or business. You don’t have a track record of professional or clients success. We want to work with true experts who are missing from the current media conversation…

But ME could be for you if you are truly an expert in your field. You love what you do and are great at it, you just need to be on more people’s radar. You’re also not great at coming up with media ideas and guest writing ideas and media pitches. You may have investigated PR firms and maybe worked with one in the past but still aren’t getting regular traction.

how it works

In Maximum Exposure, you’ll get access to journalists so you can grow your list, 1:1 PR coaching to help you craft your pitch, group coaching to help you brainstorm new story ideas and guest post ideas each month, and you’ll be a part of a community that wants to see you win.

Every month you’ll have the chance to:

  • Meet with a journalist

  • Work on your pitches

  • Brainstorm story angles

  • Co-write pitch emails and send them out

If you’ve considered hiring a PR firm to help you get out there, I invite you to consider this new model which was designed with you in mind.

what could maximum exposure do for you?

The right media placements can raise your profile, create content for social media and solidify your credibility. Leveraged the right way, they can put you in front of new clients as well as the decision makers who may invite you to speak or share.

Maximum Exposure is a powerful hybrid of personal brand strategy, PR coaching and editorial execution. Meet journalists, brainstorm new story ideas, fine tune your message, and pitch the media.

Every single month.

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