[The Personal Branding Journey] How Joy Lacy narrowed her niche and overcame naysayers on the road to building her brand

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Just as you sometimes have a gut feeling that you should pick up a call even when you have no idea who is on the other end of the line, you have intuition that is guiding you away from things that aren’t for you and toward what you should be doing with your life and your career.

On a deep level, you recognize your purpose. You fully understand exactly what you should be doing and what you are called to do.

It could be the call of creative expression, or of your tribe. Maybe it's the call of freedom, or the call to give back. Or it could be the call of excellence where you know you're not giving your best effort.

Whatever it means for you, now may be the perfect time to answer the call.

Joy Lacy - aka The Restaurant Girl, answered the call.

The founder of Joy of Consulting was a member cohort III of my signature personal branding group training program - Package Your Genius Academy.

Joy and I caught up to discuss her business - she's an organizational development consultant and business operations strategist who helps small businesses put better back-end systems in place.

She also has a new venture called "The Restaurant Girl" where she focuses specifically on restaurant owners who are ready to grow their current stores or scale to additional locations.

Joy and I discussed her personal branding journey to:

  • creating a narrowly defined niche in the consulting industry
  • overcoming the discouraging feedback of a trusted mentor
  • paying attention to what was working already to find a focus area that energizes her days
  • the symptoms of a business that lacks systems

Listen to Joy's inspiring personal branding journey or watch my interview with her !

Mentioned during the interview:

Joy's Website - Joy of Consulting

Follow Joy on Twitter - @JoyofConsulting

Package Your Genius Academy  - Group Mastermind

I'm sure her infectious spirit will inspire you as much as it has inspired me!