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[The Personal Branding Journey] From 9-5 to Full-Time Consultant: a Non-Negotiable Vision

Meico Whitlock Mindful Techie

Meico Whitlock, a DC-based mindful productivity coach, answered the call of freedom.

He was a member of cohort II of our signature personal branding group training program – Package Your Genius Academy.

We caught up with Meico to discuss how he planned to take the leap from working his full-time job to working full-time in his business.

Since the academy, he quit his job and now speaks and coaches full-time. This past summer, he launched a line of online courses and bootcamps to help busy professionals reclaim their time.

We discussed his personal branding journey including:

  • the importance of accountability
  • practical planning to make a big career and financial leap
  • from ideas to implementation
  • starting from zero, nurturing a small audience and building over time
  • listening to the universe and why your vision is non-negotiable

Listen to Meico’s inspiring personal branding journey below!

Mentioned during the interview: