Are generalizations undermining your brand?

Are you regularly communicating what makes you different from the next person in your industry? Because if you want people to understand and value all that you bring to the table, you've got to let go of the generalizations and start talking specifics.

Generalizations don't explain the specific niche you occupy.

Generalizations don't tell me how I can pay you to help me.

Generalizations don't help me see how you're the best fit for a senior role at my company - the job you'd be perfect for, but aren't aware of.

Generalizations don't make your value clear to people who haven't worked directly with you and aren't familiar with your work. And when they aren't clear about what you do, they're less likely to recommend or refer you to others.

So, how are you currently talking about your role, position and value?

Is your description one generalization after another? Or is it specific, magnetic and captivating?

Are you highlighting the most compelling aspect of your background? Or are you burying the lede?

If you're not sure, join me for a free personal branding Master Class.

I'll be sharing how to determine

  • which parts of your story deserve the most airtime and which of your skills are compelling enough to build the next phase of your brand around
  • how to dial into what you truly want - not what's trendy, or what experts say you should want
  • how to identify your secret sauce - What's unique about you, your expertise and your style, as well as what you are uniquely qualified to teach and share, how you're best suited to work and deliver your gifts
  • the hidden brand opportunities that may be right in front of you

We'll take a DEEP DIVE to figure out what's remarkable about your work, what's compelling about your story and how you can begin using it to take your brand up a notch.

The clarity you get will position you to raise your profile and attract more next level opportunities. If you're ready to stop overthinking your personal brand and finally settle on a direction, register now - it's quick and easy.