[The Personal Branding Journey] From Corporate Accounting to Purposeful Play

Tiffany McDuffie Purposeful Play

Tiffany McDuffie, a Milwaukee-based entrepreneur, answered the call of fun. Several years ago, the former corporate accountant decided to pivot – she wanted to merge her income and her impact.

Tiffany and I caught up to discuss how she helps kids in her sports-based youth development program Purposeful Play. We discussed the series of leaps that brought her to her current work.

She was a member of cohort III of my signature personal branding group training program – Package Your Genius Academy.

Since the academy, she has gained more confidence in her ability to market her business. This past spring, she held a successful pop up play date that helped fill her summer camps. She successfully landed media attention to promote her business. 

Tiffany and I discussed her personal branding journey including:

  • her pivot from corporate accounting to play – how she started working with kids in her sports-based youth development program
  • how she set out to pivot how she uses her skills so she could merge her income with her impact
  • how she turned her passion for getting kids active and healthy into a business
  • how she increased her confidence and learned to leverage her network
  • how she turned PYGA media training into media coverage including a 60 second radio spot promoting her program
  • How your first pivot can lead to your next pivot and eventually your true path – it’s a journey

Listen to Tiffany’s inspiring personal branding journey or watch my interview with her below!

Mentioned during the interview: