How to Attract Game Changing Opportunities to Your Brand

How do you continuously attract game changing opportunities to your brand?

That’s the question I asked startup investor and advisor Lauren Maillian. Lauren’s entrepreneurial journey is an inspiration – after founding a vineyard and winery at the age of 19, Lauren started Luxury Market Branding, a boutique branding agency and went on to eventually become an investor counting tech startups like Levo League among her portfolio.

In 2014, all before the tender age of 30, Lauren authored “The Path Redefined” a memoir that  became an instant bestseller.

She currently can be found each week on Oxygen on the new business show “Quit Your Day Job” which is being hailed as a “Shark Tank” meets “The Profit” for women entrepreneurs. 

I caught up with Lauren in NYC to talk opportunities – more importantly how she continues to attract opportunity after opportunity in such a fickle entertainment and media world.

We discussed how her work ethic coupled with a relationship savvy has helped her attract game changing opportunity after game changing opportunity.

I am inspired by Lauren as a mom, business woman and friend and am delighted to share this conversation with you.


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