INTRODUCING voices of youth

Voices of Youth Books is a youth visibility project in partnership with Package Your Genius Academy.

We believe in the power of marginalized voices, and through VOYB, we seek to amplify one of the most marginalized groups today - our youth.

Voices of Youth Books seeks to share creative writing from young people who have a story to tell and are doing inspiring things in the world.


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middle school voices

The Middle School Voices Creative Writing Contest is a writing contest for middle schoolers by middle schoolers.

We are looking for unpublished essays, short stories and poetry by students in grades 5-8. The writing contest is an opportunity to share your writing, get recognized for your work, and win cash prizes.

First Place

Winner receives a cash prize of $100, recognition on social media, publication on the VOYB website, and a chance to read your work in-person at Eaton Workshop in Washington, DC.

Second Place

Winner receives a cash prize of $75, recognition on social media and publication on the VOYB website.

Third Place

Winner receives a cash prize of $50, and recognition on social media.

contest rules and eligibility

To enter the contest you must be a current or rising middle school student in DC, Maryland or Virginia- currently in or going to grades 5-8. Your work must be unpublished and original - in other words, you wrote it yourself without help from a parent or friend.

Non-Fiction: You can submit a personal essay about an important life moment or your opinion about a topic that matters to you.

Fiction: We welcome vignettes, short stories, or book excerpts. Have you been working on your first novel? We can’t wait to read it!

Both essays and short stories should be a minimum of 600 words.

Poetry: Poets please submit a minimum of 3 poems. There is no word minimum for poetry.

All entries should be submitted using the submission form below.


The deadline for entries is 11:59 pm on May 1, 2019

Winners will be notified by June 1, 2019.