you've worked too hard to be invisible...


You've devoted your life to the ideals of EXCELLENCE, and you've delivered time and time again.

You've harnessed your PERFECTIONISM, leveraged your RELATIONSHIPS and exploited your CREATIVITY in service to others.

You believed doing good work was the most important thing, and was enough to secure your just rewards. 

So you hunkered down.

You thought your results - the revenue generated, crises averted, reputations salvaged, brands bolstered - would speak for themselves and open the doors to more.

But it hasn't quite panned out that way.

Your results are evident.

They stand out in  bold, blinking, neon colors.

Yet in the marketplace, your brand whispers.

You're the mastermind, the linchpin, the genius - and you're hiding in plain sight.

As a high achiever devoted to lifelong learning, you need to build a personal brand that is worthy of your excellence and helps you achieve what you've always wanted:


Welcome  to Package Your Genius Academy.

Or should we say,

welcome home.


package your genius academy is...

a 12-week online group coaching experience designed to unleash your expert status.  We will show you how to clarify your genius, communicate  your results and command your audience - confidently. 

Through our 12-week curriculum, we'll help you harness all of who you are, what you've done and frame it in a way that catches attention so you can stop toiling in the shadows and finally take center stage.

If you're tired of being unseen, unheard and unknown in your industry, and you're ready to do the work to get more people buzzing about you, we'll reveal the nine keys to achieving an expert personal brand.


these are the 9 core lessons you'll tackle in Package your genius academy

lesson 1: find your genius

What are your areas of UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY? You'll identify your gift and how you're uniquely qualified to make an impact, examine what genius you may be overlooking or underutilizing, and figure out what you should double down on or let go of. If you've ever felt like your brand and message is "all over the place" this proven process will give you the gift of FOCUS.

lesson 2: make the case

How do you communicate your track record and results you have already achieved? We'll  determine where you're killing it so we can BUILD on that traction, elevating your brand through your existing results and using that as information to engage others during key conversations. We'll also identify your BRAND CHAMPIONS and design a plan to deploy them to spread the news of your great work on your behalf, because you shouldn't always have to toot your own horn.

lesson 3: master your message

It's hard for your message to connect if 1) it doesn't specifically communicate your value and 2) you're  burying the lede with your story and underselling your gifts and talents. We'll NAIL YOUR NICHE, plug the holes in your story and find the glaring omissions and gaps in how you're currently talking about yourself so you can finally share your elevator pitch with ease.  

lesson 4: establish your assets

Your brand needs assets to move through the world - headshot? Check! New bio? Check, check! But what about your brand stories, your philosophy, and the core beliefs guiding your work? We'll decide on the core brand assets YOU need to make your mark and show your people how your journey intersects with theirs and how you're the best person to help them.

lesson 5: define your big idea

Thought leaders build around a BIG IDEA - what is yours? You have a unique process and approach to helping others, but you probably haven't taken the time to excavate and package it just yet. Here we'll define your solution that will help potential clients understand the impact you can make, and the methodology that can change people's lives. Hint: This is the basis for your speaking and media messages.

lesson 6: make some noise

Let's transform what you know into the core content that sells you and connects you to your audience. We'll decide on the core content YOU need to make your mark and then we'll show you how to make your content rank higher in online searches so you can be in the running for more inbound opportunities. Because if you're not optimizing for online search, you're missing a huge part of your potential online visibility.

lesson 7: take the stage 

The digital space isn't the only stage you need to master - the analog stages are still incredibly important. Whether you're starting out as an audience member or you're ready to take the stage as a speaker, we'll show you a process to identify strategic opportunities to GROW YOUR NETWORK and SPREAD YOUR BIG IDEA wherever you are in the process. 

lesson 8: perfect your pitch   

It's not enough to build it, you have to pitch your brand - to conferences and to potential clients - but especially to THE MEDIA.  But beyond knowing what to pitch, you need to know WHEN AND HOW. You'll get the process public relations professionals use to uncover when your brand is most relevant and the ideal times of year for you to shoot your shot to land invaluable media opportunities.

lesson 9: make your move

Take everything you've learned and MAKE A MOVE. Whether that means launching a signature coaching session, outlining a book, publishing your podcast or hosting your first event, you'll design a signature brand move that shows the world who you are, builds your audience and makes you relevant, NOW. 


BONUS lessonS

Productivity and Time Management

Behavioral Change: Recognize Your Patterns and Build New Habits

Mindset: Embrace the Unknown and Move Past FeaR


aml faculty.png

Amanda Miller Littlejohn


Amanda Miller Littlejohn is a motivating coach for those who are seeking brand clarity and fresh ideas on how to emerge as experts in their chosen fields. As founder of Package Your Genius Academy, she helps high achievers make themselves and their work VISIBLE in the digital age.

An idea oven, brand problem solver, and creative powerhouse working at the intersection of public relations, journalism, marketing and social media, Amanda has helped non-profit organizations and CEO's leverage mainstream and digital media to build buzz online and off for nearly a decade.   A former print journalist, she's used her journalistic training to dig deep to understand the story behind the story, crafting an authentic brand message in the process. She now leverages that foundation of both journalism and public relations in her work as a coach where she helps you build your brand, pursue your passions and package your genius so you can share it with the world.

Through her signature coaching programs, weekly Package Your Genius podcast and ground-breaking personal branding system The Branding Box, Amanda is a motivating business coach for entrepreneurs and thought leaders who are seeking brand clarity and fresh ideas on how to emerge as experts in their chosen fields.

A highly sought after speaker, trainer, writer, and coach, Amanda has empowered hundreds of business owners, students and women on personal branding, public relations and social media. The National Black Public Relations Society's named Amanda their 2012 Practitioner of the Year, SWIBA named her their 2014 Life/Business Coach of the Year and PRWeek named her one of their 2015 Innovative 50 - leaders in tech and communications for The Branding Box.  

A global personal branding strategist, Amanda has worked with coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs from San Francisco to Saudi Arabia.  Her clients span industries - from government appointees to nonprofit leaders to academic researchers. She has also coached executives from top companies including Intel, JP Morgan, Scholastic, Coty/Cover Girl, Colgate-Palmolive, WalMart, Guardian Life, and Johnson & Johnson.

reisha faculty.png

Dr. Reisha Moxley

mindset mentor + performance coach

Dr. Reisha Moxley received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Georgia. She earned her M.Ed. in Human Development Counseling from Vanderbilt University in 2008 before working in several clinical settings including community mental health and university counseling centers as well as public and charter schools.

Dr. Moxley’s therapeutic approach is primarily influenced by multicultural and feminist perspectives. Her clinical and research interests include the multicultural training and development of mental health clinicians as well as other social justice and diversity related issues.

Dr. Moxley brings her psychological expertise and extensive research of high achieving professionals to help academy students eliminate mental barriers to success, remove blocks and get unstuck. She holds space for students to confront issues such as imposter syndrome, fear of failure, comparison, and procrastination so they can confidently pursue their goals.

“I am so grateful for the BRILLIANT gifts that Amanda has shared with my 'Package Your Genius’ Academy cohort.  

Every week I participated in informative, power-packed lectures that compelled thoughtful group discussion among brilliant women from all over the nation.  PYG Academy in-depth content and spirit of encouragement empowered me to believe in my genius beyond my self-doubt, and to tackle the weekly assignments with energy and excitement.  

The program provided a bonus opportunity for me to work one-on-one with a major television producer who helped me streamline my message for TV and coached me on landing future engagements.  Through the structure and rigor of the program, I managed to cross the 2K Twitter follower mark, landed my first podcast interview, and participated in my first live radio talk show. And that is only the beginning! As an Ivy League professor and public religious leader I cannot say enough about how valuable the PYG Academy has been for my professional growth. If you are serious about taking your genius to the next level, the PYG Academy is for you!”


“Participating in the Package Your Genius Academy has been a true game-changer for me.  

Although I have a communications background, I found the structure, community and encouragement I received in the academy helped me finally push past fear and launch my brand.During the academy, I finally launched my new website AND conducted two interviews with international influencers for my new podcast Dare to Be. I’ve wanted to build my brand for so long, and I’m finally on my way. Plus the new headshots we received as a graduation gift have really upscaled my image. My followers are blown away!”

“Before I enrolled in PYGA, I felt lost in a world of personal branding that I knew little to nothing about.

By implementing the strategies taught I was able to secure my first prominent speaking opportunity on a national stage, develop an idea for a signature product to monetize my thought leadership, and learned valuable skills for branding, marketing and promoting myself with class, confidence, and results. I feel the PYGA has been my launch pad for a new phase of influence, affluence, and opportunities to effectively impact and improve the lives of those with whom I connect.”

“The academy has changed my life... 

Working with this group of women and Amanda has encouraged me to put myself out there in ways that I never have.”


success stories

As a result of their participation in the program, our students have:

  • Two students have landed a weekly co-hosting spot as experts on radio shows
  • Used PYGA PR training to land feature articles on and Prevention
  • Applied for and landed a competitive speaking engagement at a national Women's Conference hosted by Working Mother Magazine
  • Increased LinkedIn engagement and grown network to over 500 connections
  • Recognized for her work and invited to give a keynote presentation at a University women's conference
  • Transitioned sectors and landed a coveted position at one of the hottest tech startups
  • Secured a higher paid position at a prestigious university
  • Launched a new website and podcast
  • Launched first paid coaching session
  • Grown Twitter following from 34 to over 1000 in 8 short weeks
  • Written a timely personal blog post that was later picked up by Huffington Post
  • Participated in Twitter chats, which led to the opportunity to network at a Golf & Tennis Tournament hosted by a national business magazine
  • Attracted a book co-authoring and tv opportunity  
  • Been invited to sell art at the National Museum of Women in the Arts shop
  • Sold out a paid online group coaching course
  • Quit 9-5 jobs and started working on their business full-time
  • Increased their confidence around media, speaking, networking and more...

academy classes meet weekly for 12 weeks starting on tuesday June 5, 2018 at 1pm est. video sessions are held online in the virtual classroom. all sessions will be recorded.

The Academy is a group coaching program based on the Package Your Genius coaching framework. We are offering two tiers of enrollment:

academy level

Your tuition includes:

  • 9 Online Group Training Video Master Classes (sessions will be recorded)

  • 3 Online Office Hours Q+A  (sessions will be recorded)

  • A private online members only networking group and forum



premier level

If you know you want some one on one support, the Premier Level is for you. You'll get everything in the academy level, plus a 60 minute 1:1 brand clarity + strategy session with Amanda Miller Littlejohn

It's up to you how you use your session, but each premier level academy member will have the opportunity to connect in a one on one personal brand coaching session with award-winning personal branding coach Amanda Miller Littlejohn to potentially:

  • further clarify your brand message, elevator pitch and bio
  • tease out your thought leadership message and come up with ideas for content
  • brainstorm paid services around your unique area of expertise
  • identify you media hook and/or media messages and potential media pitches
  • individual feedback on personal brand ideas


alumni voices

After 4 cohorts, we are just getting started! The beauty of the program is in the seeds we plant; we find that students are continually building upon and reaping the harvest from the lessons they learned during their time in the academy.

We are so proud to continue to have results pouring in. Listen to our student stories, hear about their breakthroughs, get an idea of their experiences and be inspired. 

joy lacy, pyga spring 2017

on narrowing her niche, overcoming discouragement and following her energy in houston

hadiya williams, pyga spring 2017

building her brand as an artist and making her art profitable in washington, dc

meico whitlock, PYGA Fall 2016

finding the courage to make his big leap from 9-5 to full-time consultant in washington, dc

Tiff McDuffie, PYGA Spring 2017

Pivoting from corporate accounting to purposeful play in milwaukee

pyga spring 2016 cohort 1