Package Your Genius Academy is an online community, personal branding mastermind and group coaching experience

Do you want accountability as you build your brand?

Are you looking for a supportive community that can help you achieve your dreams?

Do you need a mentor to help you take your personal brand and service-based business to the next level?

If so, we invite you to apply for the Package Your Genius Academy.

This is a group coaching and mastermind program facilitated by your brand mentor Amanda Miller Littlejohn. The program is designed to help you grow your brand and your business alongside a small cohort of other entrepreneurs. We will work together to clarify your brand message, services and offering and deliver them brilliantly, into the world.

learn new skills, implement new tactics and push your boundaries alongside a cohort of driven, high achievers just like you

We will help each other work through some of the questions we help clients with the most, namely:

  • How do I increase my influence within the industry?

  • How do I begin to position myself as an expert in my field?

  • How do I attract more speaking and media opportunities?

  • How do I turn my personal brand into a six-figure business?

  • How do I create leveraged packages and programs so I’m not trading time for money?

This isn’t a program where you’ll get lost among hundreds of other people.

Each week, we’ll have a live training video session and a live video Office Hours session for you to get feedback. In between training sessions we’ll all stay connected in our private online forum. After our training calls end, we’ll meet in person in DC to connect, fine-tune and collaborate.

In addition to the weekly trainings, every member of the academy will receive a copy of the Branding Box. If you’ve thought about getting The Branding Box, but hesitated because you wanted a little more personalized attention, interaction and engagement, this program may be a solution. (And if you’ve already purchased the Branding Box, not to worry. We will upgrade your program with a 1:1 coaching session).



Download the professional development program guide to share with your employer. 

Week 1: Clarity on Your Unique Genius and value

  • What is your gift and how are you uniquely qualified to make an impact?

  • What value are you already adding to the world that you could leverage for more?

  • What aspects of your gift are you overlooking or underutilizing?

  • What aspects of your work should you double down on? What work should you let go of?

  • What are your brand-building blind spots and areas of unique opportunity? 

Week 2: CLARITY on your brand message

  • What's your story and how can you use it to communicate your value and connect with others?

  • What glaring omissions and gaps exist in how you're currently talking about yourself?

  • How are you burying the lede with your story and underselling your gifts and talents?

  • How can you tell your full vibrant, amazing story?

  • Who is your audience? Do you have a demographic or situational niche?

  • How to write an umbrella message and brand narrative that sells you

Week 3: Evidence and Credibility

  • Find the existing audience that is uniquely tailored to your gifts

  • Examine where  you already get traction in the marketplace and how to build upon that traction

  • Uncover and capitalize on a natural audience you may be neglecting

  • How do you communicate your track record and results you have already achieved?

  • If necessary, how can you quickly generate and communicate results when working in a new field or new capacity?

  • How can you elevate your brand through your existing results and engage future clients with evidence of your past work?

Implementation Week

Week 5: your thought leadership

  • What's your methodology and system? How do you repeatedly achieve results?

  • What's your philosophy and what are the core beliefs that guide your work?

  • What is your unique process and approach to helping others?

  • How can you package your solution into a solution and teachable content that potential clients understand?

  • What's your methodology and system? How do you repeatedly achieve results?

Week 6: content creation and social media

  • How to package your solution for content opportunities - brainstorming seasonal content topics

  • Generating content for a podcast or regular video

  • Where should you focus your social media efforts? Choosing your platforms and frequency

  • How often should you generate content, and what should your content do? Setting your editorial calendar and social media content schedule

  • Online tools and technology to make it easier for you to get things done

Week 7: Influence - Media and Publicity

  • Understanding news cycles and when your expertise is most newsworthy

  • How to think in sound bites and package your message for media

  • The best types of media opportunities for experts

  • How to reach out to the media and pitch them your idea

  • Building your own targeted media short list and building media relationships

  • How to become a guest contributor for mainstream sites

Week 8: Influence – Public Speaking and Networking

  • How to identify what you can speak about and how to pitch yourself as a speaker

  • Transform what you know into panel, workshop and keynote content

  • Where to network and speak in order to meet the right audience

  • Where to find and pitch yourself for speaking opportunities at every level

  • Creating your networking event calendar

Implementation Week

week 10: Monetizing Your Genius via Individual Sales - Signature 1:1 Sessions and Signature Events

  • Get paid to give advice - how to turn your FAQs into a signature session

  • How to determine the structure and delivery of your session

  • Pricing your session to position your brand

  • Connecting with influencers and building a guest list

  • Marketing your event and filling the room

  • Best types of events for each personal brand

Week 11: Monetizing Your Genius via Signature Products and Programs / Intellectual Property Legal Considerations

  • Get paid to teach  - how to create leveraged income through group and online programs

  • Turning 1:1 success into a course or information product

  • How to know what people want to learn most from you

  • How to protect your online brand and programs legally

Week 12: Pipeline Development and Sales

  • How to create a pipeline of new customers that will want to buy your services and programs

  • How to organize your follow up so leads don't fall through the cracks

  • Turning social media followers and online inquiries into paying clients and customers

  • Conducting sales conversations that close

  • A super simple  sales funnel

Live BONUS SESSIONS (Washington, DC Workshop)


Image: Dressing for your body type and personal brand

Productivity and Time Management

Behavioral Change: Recognize Your Patterns and Build New Habits

Mindset: Embrace the Unknown and Move Past FeaR



“I am so grateful for the BRILLIANT gifts that Amanda has shared with my 'Package Your Genius’ Academy cohort.  

Every week I participated in informative, power-packed lectures that compelled thoughtful group discussion among brilliant women from all over the nation.  PYG Academy in-depth content and spirit of encouragement empowered me to believe in my genius beyond my self-doubt, and to tackle the weekly assignments with energy and excitement.  

The program provided a bonus opportunity for me to work one-on-one with a major television producer who helped me streamline my message for TV and coached me on landing future engagements.  Through the structure and rigor of the program, I managed to cross the 2K Twitter follower mark, landed my first podcast interview, and participated in my first live radio talk show. And that is only the beginning! As an Ivy League professor and public religious leader I cannot say enough about how valuable the PYG Academy has been for my professional growth. If you are serious about taking your genius to the next level, the PYG Academy is for you!”


“Participating in the Package Your Genius Academy has been a true game-changer for me.  

Although I have a communications background, I found the structure, community and encouragement I received in the academy helped me finally push past fear and launch my brand.During the academy, I finally launched my new website AND conducted two interviews with international influencers for my new podcast Dare to Be. I’ve wanted to build my brand for so long, and I’m finally on my way. Plus the new headshots we received as a graduation gift have really upscaled my image. My followers are blown away!”

“Before I enrolled in PYGA, I felt lost in a world of personal branding that I knew little to nothing about.

By implementing the strategies taught I was able to secure my first prominent speaking opportunity on a national stage, develop an idea for a signature product to monetize my thought leadership, and learned valuable skills for branding, marketing and promoting myself with class, confidence, and results. I feel the PYGA has been my launch pad for a new phase of influence, affluence, and opportunities to effectively impact and improve the lives of those with whom I connect.”

“The academy has changed my life... 

Working with this group of women and Amanda has encouraged me to put myself out there in ways that I never have.”

student Results

As a result of their participation in the program, our students have:

  • Landed a weekly co-hosting spot as an expert on a radio show
  • Used PYGA PR training to land feature articles on and Prevention
  • Applied for and landed a competitive speaking engagement at a national Women's Conference hosted by Working Mother Magazine
  • Increased LinkedIn engagement and grown network to over 500 connections
  • Recognized for her work and invited to give a keynote presentation at a University women's conference
  • Transitioned sectors and landed a coveted job in the tech space
  • Launched a new website and podcast
  • Grown Twitter following from 34 to over 1000 in 8 short weeks
  • Written a timely personal blog post that was later picked up by Huffington Post
  • Participated in Twitter chats, which led to the opportunity to network at a Golf & Tennis Tournament hosted by a national business magazine
  • Attracted a book co-authoring and tv opportunity  
  • Increased their confidence around media, speaking, networking and more...

academy classes start September 2017.

The Academy is a 12-week group coaching course based on the curriculum outlined in the Package Your Genius Branding Box. A copy of the Branding Box is included with your enrollment.

Your tuition includes:

Package Your Genius Academy Group MASTERMIND

  • a copy of The Branding Box

  • weekly live group training Master Classes (Classes will be recorded)

  • weekly Office Hours Q+A (Sessions will be recorded)

  • private online members only networking group

  • notification of speaking and media opportunities

  • in-person workshop

  • professional headshots to use to promote your brand

enrollment is currently closed, but we'll be enrolling again soon.

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