package your genius - 5 steps to build your most powerful personal brand

You have life-changing gifts and talents for a reason, but not enough people know your name. It’s time to make yourself and your work VISIBLE. Despite being incredibly hard workers who execute flawlessly on the job, many high achievers still struggle with self-promotion. If you've been working hard for your employer, or delivering exceptional results for clients, you may think that your work should "speak for itself,” and perhaps it should. But in the digital age, a great work product isn't enough anymore. In order to get the opportunities your skills have earned, you must do your part to share your story, your message and your skills with the world. You must build your most powerful personal brand.

But how do you get going?

In Package Your Genius, Amanda Miller Littlejohn shares a powerful, proven framework for building a personal brand that continuously attracts business and career opportunities. You’ll learn how to package your genius by discovering:

  • what’s keeping you from going after the recognition you crave;

  • how to achieve CLARITY on what you have to offer the world;

  • the five elements of personal brand positioning;

  • what you should share on social media to position yourself as an expert;

  • how to narrow down your brand and focus on your unique areas of opportunity;

  • the roles of social media, public speaking, content and media in personal branding;

  • how psychology plays a part in becoming more visible;

  • what to do when you feel your career, business or brand no longer brings you fulfillment; and much more.

Passed over for promotions? Overlooked by potential clients? Not on the radar of those who matter? If you're tired of feeling INVISIBLE in your industry, herein lies the process to position yourself as the expert you are. It’s time for you to package your genius so you can create the opportunity you deserve!

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