Frequently Asked Questions

Does the academy only work with women?

Absolutely not. While in the past women have been more attracted to the program curriculum, our framework is ideal for anyone who seeks more visibility for their work. Men who don't have a marketing background, are naturally introverted or are from underrepresented minority groups all benefit. 

I want my employer to pay for the program. Do you have something i can present to them?

Many program participants find that the academy curriculum qualifies for professional development dollars. You should ask you employer if you are eligible. You can download the professional development program guide here.

I don't have a business, will the program work for me?

The academy programming is designed to help professionals - whether you own a business or are attempting to stand out more at work. The principles we teach are applicable to both business owners and non-business owners alike. Anyone who is seeking more visibility will benefit from learning how to attract speaking engagements, media opportunities and build their brand online.

How much interaction will I get with the instructors?

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback each week after the training. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions

I have a conflict with one of the training dates. How will I catch up on the information?

Each of the live training sessions is recorded and delivered to all registered program members the day after the training. If you miss the session live, we recommend that you listen to the recording the following day, or as soon as possible before the next training.

How much time do I need to dedicate to homework each week?

Each person varies, however the assignments are intended to be doable in 90 minutes or less. We recommend that you schedule a time each week to work on your brand building assignments.

What can I realistically expect as a result of the program?

Past students have garnered national media, national speaking engagements, increased Linkedin connections and Twitter connections (by the hundreds) in the short duration of the program. The methodology is proven. It really works if you follow the recommendations provided to you. However, the results you get are a direct outcome of the effort you put into the program.

Does the academy offer any public relations support?

We do take on PR clients from time to time but are highly selective about who we work with. If you'd like to learn more about that process, send a note to support (at) packageyourgeniusacademy (dot) com.