You’ve spent a significant amount of time working in your industry, so you’ve amassed a great deal of expertise that you are ready to leverage for your next phase.

Now that you’ve decided to be intentional about your next phase, pursue what you’re most passionate about, and create a future on your own terms, you need a plan to take all of the expertise you’ve accumulated working in your field or building your business, and convert it into income.You know you’ll need to finally step out from the shadows and put yourself out there. And to achieve the level of success that you’ve been dreaming of – a steady roster of clients who are clamoring to buy your knowledge, speaking engagements and media interviews that position you as the go-to expert – you’ve realized that you will have to build your brand.

My name is Amanda Miller Littlejohn, and this is the exact journey I’ve helped hundreds of people through as a public relations strategist and personal branding consultant.

I’ve created a beautifully designed, easy-to-use resource to help you get the word out about yourself so that you can create income from what you know.

Introducing The Branding Box.


Your purchase includes:

  • The beautifully designed, full-color, custom box

  • The Personal Brand Development Toolkit – my system for developing a memorable personal brand – includes instructional material, how to worksheets, templates and exercises in a  custom 3-ring binder

  • 60 Minute Audio Training – How to Build Your Brand Around Your Expertise

  • The Little Book of Brand Lessons – 30 Lessons on business, branding and social media

  • Quarterly Brand Planning Outlook – brand goal planning calendar

The Branding Box was inspired by my clients – people just like you – who have come to me for help to clarify their strengths and build a stronger brand presence around those strengths. 

My work with my clients was greatly inspired by my own experience of getting laid off as a newspaper reporter while I had a newborn baby at home. In 90 days, I was able to triple my previous full-time income by repeating a series of steps to tell people about who I was, what I could do and why they should hire me.  I have continued to use this framework to build a flexible six-figure business by working only on the projects and with the people who are the best fit for me.

The Branding Box combines my proven public relations strategies, my most often taught brand lessons, insight into the most common mistakes I see, and the inspiration you need to help you quickly build a personal brand that you can monetize. 

If you are looking to build your brand, pursue your passions and package your genius – for profit – this is the resource that ties it all together.

When you PACKAGE YOUR GENIUS and get your knowledge out of your head, your work can serve others and impact more people.

Do you KNOW that you have true expertise – a message, system or service that can help others in an extraordinary way – but you’re not sure how to turn that knowledge and experience into repeat income?

Are you tired of being your industry’s best-kept secret? Are you frustrated because you provide a SUPERIOR service, but not enough people know who you are, and you can’t figure out how to get found by your market?

Do you STRUGGLE finding the words to depict the transformation your offer provides? Although your service or offer is superb, do you feel that your message is unclear and people don’t understand what exactly you do?

Do you long to be recognized as the Go-To Expert in your field, but have no idea how to make that happen?

Are you tired of watching people you know don’t provide the same level of results that you do – the amateurs in your field – get all of the awards, attention, and recognition?

If so, the Branding Box can help you go from best kept secret to “where has she been hiding?!”


You may want to branch out into coaching and training, but you need to nail down your message, uncover your philosophy, and articulate the value you add for your clients.

You may dream of writing a book, sharing your message on stages as a speaker, but need to know the very first step.

After completing the 30 Brand Lessons and 7 focused step-by-step modules, you will be able to

  • Clearly define who you are, what is unique about your skill set and what are the opportunities of your personal brand
  • Finally get PR – Get the word out about yourself and your business through the media
  • Identify your message and topics for speaking and your thought leadership topics for trainings
  • Build your social media following through great content
  • Tell your story in a way that connects with customers
  • Build an effective brand platform that connects with your target customer and sells
  • Find and approach new clients to your business

If you know you’re ready to define your brand and get clear on what is unique and special about you and your expertise the Branding Box will help you FOCUS, get motivated and get out of your own way when it comes to marketing yourself and your business.

If you don’t have enough clients, the process detailed will show you how to find new clients for your business with a business development strategy, and get strategic about social media with ideas for creating content that will make your customers fall in love with you.

If you’ve always wanted press and media exposure, the system will show you how to reach out to to the media easily with media outreach templates.

If you’ve always wanted to speak, the system will give you a framework to define your public speaking and presentation topics, as well as talking points for each.

Create Your Plan to step into purpose, package your genius and increase your visibility.