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The Package Your Genius Academy is an innovative profession development program that helps high achievers  close the visibility gap between their work and the world. Using a proven framework, award-winning curriculum and a group training model, we are cultivating today's leaders by helping them master self promotion  and confidently share their GENIUS with the world. 


When your brand needs one on one support

We believe in the power of the collective - leveraging group dynamics online and in-person to create a dynamic learning environment that compounds on the knowledge. But sometimes you need to speak with an expert who can take a deep dive into your business or career and give you a strategy to move forward.

Our strategists are working professionals who've climbed in their respective careers. They know what it takes to pivot, raise awareness or position executives - it's what they do on a daily basis.

If you want to work with the strategists Fortune 100 Companies turn to, sign up for a  session with one of our strategists.

ACCELERATE YOUR brand and business 

If you're looking for personalized, one-on-one support to kickstart and accelerate your progress, you are in the right place! The PYGA Coaching team is comprised of some of my favorite people on the planet and the people I turn to when I need counsel.

Each of the PYGA strategists was hand-picked for their unique strengths. Everyone on the team has a specified professional and business background and understand the mission of helping you make yourself and your work visible in the digital age. No matter who you choose to work with, you're getting deep consulting expertise with an emphasis on strategic action. 

Our goal? Help you move forward and tackle your next phase effectively. 

THE strategy session INCLUDES: 

  • One 50-minute session, held over the phone + a 15 minute follow up after you've had a chance to implement

  • Recording of your session and a strategy document to guide your next steps


  • Vision: Where are you heading? Are you happy with the direction? How does this fit with your overall  goals?
  • Assets: What are your brand and business assets? What are your biggest opportunities?  Let's leverage what you have, who you know and your marketable strengths to build your brand.
  • Strategy: What does success look like six months from now? One year? Together we will craft a powerful strategy that puts your attention back on what matters most.
  • Action Plan: What should you tackle first? What do you need to do, drop or delegate? We’ll come up with a concrete set of next steps, and your strategist will hold you accountable for moving forward with what’s most important to you.

SELECT YOUR strategist.



marc C. littlejohn

How to position yourself before influencers, thought leaders and the people who need to know you

Marc is a dynamic external affairs executive with over 15 years experience in public affairs and corporate engagement. He is a trusted startup advisor who will help you identify the network you need to reach your business goals, pinpoint where to go to reach those individuals and craft your approach.

Marc has helped startups and founders develop their networking strategy, establish relationships and grow their networks in a meaningful way. He prides himself on his ability to quickly get to the core of an effective strategy, and map it out for easy implementation.


james s. walker

how to build, launch, position and maintain an executive brand in an integrated age

Currently in his second Vice Presidential stint at a global public relations agency, James Walker has driven business objectives for corporations, global non-profits and municipalities around the world. For the past decade, he's developed his public relations chops building the business side of several global agencies.

The desire for engaging and authentic communication from executive teams increases by the day, but companies, consultants, and top executives remain hesitant to make full use of the multi-channel spectrum available to them when connecting with their target audiences. In this integrated age, true success in communications comes from having a strong traditionally-driven platform that is digitally-amplified.

In this session, James S. Walker, Vice President –Digital  at Ruder Finn and founder of the corporate communications blog One Quick Point, will walk you through the steps to build, launch and maintain an executive brand in an integrated age. This session is great for both individuals looking to build their executive personal brand and professionals responsible for executive communications within larger organizations.  


The Branding Box is our signature home study program built on our core philosophy and five elements of personal brand positioning. As you work through the Branding Box, you’ll learn step by step how to create a plan to craft your message and broadcast it to your intended audience.


Join our signature group training experience based on the five elements of personal brand positioning, and including the most up to date media training on the market. With nationally recognized journalists and coaches, this program is designed to help you land media exposure, get speaking engagements and increase your social media following before the program ends.


Throughout the year, we host online and in-person workshops, courses and seminars designed to educate you with the tools you need to grow your brand. We also create opportunities to connect you to key influencers, journalists and leaders in order to expand your professional network.